Dive Schedule

Dive schedule 2020

Please note that we will go out in week days when asked.

If we stay out for second dive the second dive will be discounted.

All Dives are subject to the weather and may be changed to other sites.



We start the season off with an easy and relaxing evening dive just to ease you back into the water after the winter hibernation to the world famous Boulder Alley.

Tuesday 31st Boulder Alley Depart 6 pm £20



Thursday 2nd Midway Ledge Depart 6 pm £20

Saturday 4th Morning dive 8 am drift Ledge point £20, morning 11 am drift Mud Ally £20, Afternoon 5 pm drift Midway £20.

Sunday 5th Morning dive 8 am wreck Fenna £25, Morning drift 11 am Dolphin bank £20

Tuesday 7th Evening 6 pm Drift east side of ledge £20.

Saturday 11th Morning dive 10 am Scallops dive £20, Afternoon 12.30 pm wreck dive Venezuela £30

Sunday 12th Double dive Morning dive 8 am wreck dive Clan Macvey, then Drift Swanage Bay £40.

Tuesday 14th Boulder Alley 6 pm £20.

Thursday 16th Drift Mud bank £20

Saturday 18th Morning dive wreck Albion  7 am £30, morning dive 11 am drift Ledge point £20.

Sunday 19th Morning dive 8 am wreck Betsy Ann then second dive drift Swanage bay £40.

Tuesday 21st Evening dive 6 pm Drift the bowl £20.

Saturday 25th Morning dive 10.30 am wreck War Night then second dive drift fresh water bay I.O.W. £40.

Sunday 26th 9.30 am Drift Big Boy Rocks £20 second dive 12 noon wreck dive Fenna £25

Tuesday 28th Evening dive 6 pm Drift Midway £20

Thursday 30th Evening dive 6pm drift Inner ledge £20.




Saturday 2nd Morning dive 10 am Scallop ledge £20 Afternoon 12 pm wreck Borgny £25

Sunday 3rd Morning dive 11 am drift Dolphin bank £20 Afternoon 1 pm wreck Clan Macvey £25

Tuesday 5th Evening dive 6 pm ledge point.

Thursday 7th Evening dive 6 pm the bowl.

Saturday 9th Morning dive 11 am wreck dive Borgny


We are up and running dive trips.

As we are still in this position we now have a whatsapp group  which if you join the many that have we will send you all dive dates and time to your phone, you can also contact us with any dates that you have. simply send you name and mob number and we will add to the group. you can also text me 07854 058242.